Lone Wolf Transactions zipForm Edition

NAR Dues-Based Member Benefit – Lone Wolf Technologies (formerly named zipLogix) Expires 12/31/21

Changes to how Transactions (zipForm Edition) is billed.

The Transactions (zipForm Edition) member benefit provided by NAR will expire on December 31st, 2021, at which time you will lose access to your account unless you update your plan.

How do I keep using Transactions (zipForm Edition)?

Log into your account and view offer details, go to http://www.ziplogix.com or email sales@lwolf.com.

After the national member benefit expires, will I still be able to access my transactions history?

Your account will be frozen for 90 days. After the 90-day freeze period your account will be deleted permanently, and your data will not be retrievable. You may sign up again at the full retail price.

Please read the FAQ below and watch the training videos before getting started.

  • You can get tutorials at this video link.
  • New Lone Wolf Technologies users will need to set up a username and password to access the software for your future log in directly on their site.
  • New Lone Wolf Technologies Users: click here to create an account.
    INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Click on the “Sign Up” button; 2. Click the “I'm a REALTOR" button; 3. Select "CT Association of REALTORS®" from the drop down menu (not your local association). Proceed to set up a new customer account (you will need your NRDS ID.)
  • Existing Lone Wolf Technologies (formerly named zipLogix) Users: Login to your Lone Wolf Transactions (zipForm Edition) account to access the forms. NOTE: Only use this link if you have previously set up a Lone Wolf Technologies (previously zipLogix) username and password (this is separate from your ctrealtors.com username/password.)

Questions about setting up your account or accessing the forms:

Lone Wolf Technologies Help Desk: (586) 840-0140

Questions specifically about the forms themselves:

Contact our Legal Hotline (CTR Members only.) 
Note: CTR does not provide technical support for the software product.

What are additional products offered by Lone Wolf Technologies?

  • Electronic signature programs – zipLogix Digital Ink® 2.0, powered by Authentisign or Docusign. Either will work with the program.
  • zipForm® Mobile – Works with Transactions (zipForm Edition) to give complete mobility on an iPad. There’s also a discounted option for Mobile Sign & Go which provides the Mobile application with unlimited signing with zipLogix Digital Ink® 2.0, powered by Authentisign for $59 per year.
  • Adding company forms to the product – there is an additional per-form charge for that.
  • The “broker version” which ties agent forms to a company account providing the company the ability to retain and inspect forms created in Transactions (zipForm Edition).

To get pricing and to order any of those features, go to http://www.ziplogix.com or email sales@lwolf.com.

What forms are included in the CTR Library? 
More than 90 – you can find the list at this link.

I am a member of a local association that has its own forms. Can I get those forms in Transactions (zipForm Edition)?
You will need to contact your local board/association to ask.

How can I start using that software?
Lone Wolf Technologies has training videos and information on their site for Transactions (zipForm Edition). Go to: www.zipforms.com/training/

What if I need customer support or have a question about the forms?
Lone Wolf Technologies has FAQ and call-in support. CTR does not handle tech support for the software product. If you are a Connecticut REALTOR® and have questions about the language in the CTR forms, you can call our legal hotline. NOTE: only CT REALTOR® members may call the legal hotline, not unlicensed personal assistants or non-members.

Will CTR continue to offer the forms on your site as PDF and fillable forms?
No, that was discontinued in 2016. The security features and built-in identifiers on the Transaction (zipForm Edition) product provides the best protection for our copyrighted forms.

Do I now have rights to post or edit the language in the forms?
No. CTR retains all ownership and copyright to the forms. Members are provided a limited license to use the forms exactly as developed. There are no rights to post blank forms or to edit the boilerplate language in any way. There is an ability to strike out language but not to edit it.