Ethics Complaints

REALTORS® abide by the strict standards of the Code of Ethics. If a REALTOR® has failed to meet these standards, you can file a complaint. First, you must determine if the person is a REALTOR® and, thus, bound by the Code of Ethics.

REALTOR® Member Lookup
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If you found the person in the member listing, you have the following options to resolve your dispute:

  • Contact the Broker
    Contact the person's broker to inform him or her what happened. It could lead to a quick resolution. If you don't know the Broker's name, you can use our Broker Lookup Tool or contact prostandards@ctrealtors.com and we will email the contact information to you.

  • Use the Ombuds Program
    A REALTOR® volunteer will be assigned to listen to your concerns, explain possible resolutions, and answer questions. Learn more about requesting an Ombuds.

  • File an Official Ethics Complaint
    If contacting the broker and talking to an ombuds do not resolve the problem, you can file a formal complaint.

  • Arbitration
    This process is used when you believe you're owed money based on an agreement. Learn more about arbitration.