Concrete Foundation Information & Advisories

Claims funds may be available through the Connecticut Foundations Solutions Indemnity Company, Inc. (CFSIC) for residential dwellings purchased on or after February 1, 2019 which meet certain eligibility and professional inspection requirements.

For complete information, updates and availability of funding, go to crumblingfoundations.org.

The combined Concrete Advisory and Disclosure form has been revised as of 7/17/19. See below for more information.

Questions about CTR's Crumbling Foundations Advisory?  Check out our Q & A 

View CTR.tv's Special Report Video on Concrete Advisory Forms with CTR President Dan Keune.

Revisions to the CTR Concrete Combined Advisory and Disclosure Form

CT REALTORS® created a voluntary Concrete Combined Advisory and Disclosure Form to assist REALTORS® working with clients and customers in receiving important information about the crumbling foundation issue and ensuring specific information is asked and disclosed related to seller knowledge about any repairs, tests and inspections on a subject property.  View the 7/17/19 revised Combined Concrete/Foundation Advisory and Disclosure Form which is also available in our forms library with ZipLogix and Instanet.

You can view a highlighted version of the form showing the changes that were made here.

Info and Advisory on Concrete Foundations

You can find the electronic and print versions of CTR’s Foundations Advisory issued on 11/20/15, and last revised on 7/17/19 at our website through the links below.

There are two versions of the form, one for buyers and one combined advisory and disclosure for buyers and sellers. The combined advisory and disclosure and buyer's advisory are available through these links. Both advisories are available in the CTR Forms Library with zipLogix and Instanet.

You can view a highlighted version of the Foundation Advisory for Buyers showing the changes that were made here.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection (DCP) issued a report on 12/30/2016 updating the public on the status of the State's scientific and other research to determine the scope and extent of a problem with reported crumbling concrete foundations. 

Visit DCP's Deteriorating Concrete Foundations web page which includes additional general information and resources for the public about this topic. The page includes links to their brochures covering facts about concrete, the link to file a complaint, press releases, insurance information, the link to the Agreement between DCP and the companies JJ Mottes Company and Becker Construction Company and updates on legislation related to foundations.

The Connecticut Department of Housing now also has information on concrete foundations and a link to apply for a reimbursement for the cost of testing the foundation for pyrrhotite.

Reminder About Foundations Disclosures:

The Sellers Residential Property Condition Disclosure Report (available in our forms library through Ziplogix) includes extensive sections for sellers to disclose known material defects or problems with many aspects of their property, including Foundation issues which are inclusive of cracks.

This page was last updated on 7/22/19.  CTR Members can contact our Legal Hotline with any questions pertaining to the concrete advisory and disclosure form.