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CTR, WTNH, iHeart Media During this difficult time,  Connecticut REALTORS®, WTNH News 8, and iHeartMedia are teaming up to bring you Home Safe Home… a reminder that Connecticut REALTORS® are still here, working for the residents of our state, with your safety in mind. 

Homes across Connecticut have been transformed in recent weeks… living rooms are classrooms, kitchens have turned into restaurants, and bedrooms into offices.  Many are realizing now more than ever the importance of owning a home that meets your family’s needs.  

Connecticut REALTORS® have the technology to help people achieve their housing dreams.  Virtual tours, live showings via FaceTime or Skype, and even buying or listing a home with a REALTOR® online are just some of the ways we can help keep you safe during the home-buying process.  From listing to closing, most of the process can be done virtually to give our clients a safe and secure experience. ​

For 100 years, Connecticut REALTORS® have served the residents of this state.  Across all 169 towns and cities, we’re more than just REALTORS®… we’re your neighbors, your friends, and we’re on the frontlines working to give everyone the security of having a place to call Home, Safe Home. 




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